Our Clients

our clients are as diverse as our consultants.

We’ve provided services to a wide variety of organizations, across multiple industries and around the world.

Defense Industrial Base
Electric Transmission & Distribution
Financial Services
Health Care
Legal Services

Rubicon clients include non-profit organizations, publicly and privately held commercial businesses, small to medium-sized business as well as Fortune 500 companies, in addition to state and federal agencies.

They are just like you! They rely on information technology, desire to increase their security posture and are subject to regulatory compliance requirements.

Our Approach:

Cybersecurity is a business quality, not a technology problem. Emerging startup to a corporate giant, we take a business focused risk-based approach to understanding the people, processes, and technology within your organization. Our outcomes help you address risk, achieve compliance and maximize your security investment where it most supports your organizational goals.

Our Value Proposition:
  • We customize solutions based on your organization’s unique operations and needs.
  • We employ experts with experience in markets, solutions and technologies to provide you the right mix to meet your challenges.
  • We focus on enhancing organizational efficacy and seek to reduce your costs to meet regulatory requirements and cybersecurity drivers.
  • We maintain focus on flexible and agile approaches, translating into cost savings for you.